Customer reviews
Customer reviews
the amount of compliments I get on just the few pieces I have from you is CRAZY!

IM Emily Jenkins

I’m the girl you email and the girl in majority of the pics. I started WG (well.. launched) Western Gold Oct 1st 2021, straight outta high school. I’m now 21 and let’s just say I definitely don’t have the same style I started with and am still changing it so bear with me... 🤣

Kinda have the same story of most boutique owners, I wanted to bring a different/unique style to the table. My favorite thing about my job is making woman feel their absolute best, an outfit can really make or break your day! That’s kinda my motto around here “I’m nicer when I like my outfit” :)

I enjoy the simple things in life like sipping coffee on the porch or thrifting home decor on a rainy day. I recently got engaged, so be prepared to see allll the wedding content lol. I do personal content as well but try to focus most of my attention on WG (it’s a whole animal in itsself).. I look serious in a lot of my photos but promise Im the most unserious person.. my friends and family can attest. Speaking of them I love them, shoutout to them for being my backbone in all this!!

That’s all I got.. I hope you now feel like you know me and we can be friends, I try to keep things chill around here like I’m not the person creating the content more like the person watching (if that makes sense..) thank you for reading my book, I’m gonna go pack orders now. Love you bye 🫶🏻